Multipurpose (use-it-everywhere-everytime) throw scarf stole wrap shawl & towel & blanket, Turkish lightweight soft cotton fabric

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Double-Face woven,  Eco-friendly, Pure Natural, Pre-washed, Lightweight, 100% Turkish cotton, Soft, Synthetic softeners-free.

How can you use it?  throw scarf stole wrap shawl, beach bath towel, baby or travel blanket

They are originally traditional lightweight woven towels to use in Turkish baths, called peshtamal ( also spelled peshtemal; from Turkish: pestemal).

Multipurpose using is possible:  throw scarf stole wrap shawl for your body, or cover for your sofa couch, or towel for beach bath, or lightweight blanket for travels. Ideal to use in Fall 2019, and also all year round. 

Our absorbent and fast-drying Turkish towels are perfect for the beach, bath, and pool, picnic. Turkish peshtamal towels are for the whole family as there are uses for both parents and children. Turkish peshtamal towels are very compact which saves storage space and easy to carry in a tote bag for playground fun or picnics. They can also be used as a beach wrap or outdoor blanket on chilly summer evenings.

Sizes: 33x67 inch ( 85x170 cm ) (Max shrinkage ratio is 15%)

Material: Made of 100% Turkish cotton produced in manually operated looms (weaving machines).

Why Mebien Turkish Cotton Towels and multipurpose throws?

-Double-face special woven design. Some of peshtemals do not have two layers. These two layers make it more stylish and durable.

-Multipurpose using is possible: as a lightweight towel, throw, scarf stole, wrap, shawl, light blanket.

-Absorbent like a traditional towel. It becomes smoother, softer and more absorbent after every wash.

-Dries very quickly: faster than thicker counterparts, half the time of a regular beach towel.
-Sand-free: perfect for beach using

-Pre-washed:  makes it softer, without using synthetic softeners or chemicals.
-Eco-friendly: 100% Turkish cotton and natural. Free of harmful chemical substances for your skin: Just washed&dried after woven.  Softening agents-free. Optical brighteners-free.

-Lightweight: Takes up less space and fits in your bag. Easy to carry for trips, travels.

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